Just because you’re using Drupal, doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things.

We set out to create a stable and professional Drupal boilerplate with strategies baked in for such things as SSL certificates, continuous integration, continuous deployments, and last but not least, dockerization. The objective of this boilerplate, as with any boilerplate, is to go from setup to development much more quickly without having to do too much trial and error.

Getting a development environment up and running is as simple as:

docker-compose run drupal composer --working-dir="/var/www" install
docker-compose up -d

And then just visit http://[your-docker-ip]:3000 and get to work.

Nice things:

  • Composer managed themes and modules based on the Drupal composer’s composer template.
  • A ready-to-go docker-compose file for development and production.
  • A strategy for continuous integration without a ton of CI provisioning.
  • A strategy for continuous deployments (baked into the CI).
  • Nginx pre-configured along with a filesystem structure to support multiple environments.

Check out the README for full documentation: